Python is coming for your machines.

Connect to over 400 scientific instruments, motors, actuators, and sensors - all with no-code, drag-and-drop software. Flojoy Studio is the open-source, Python-based alternative to engineering software like LabVIEW, Simulink, and Alteryx.

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About Flojoy

No coding experience required.

Within 5 minutes of downloading Flojoy Studio, you'll be building and running powerful Python-based engineering and AI apps - all without any coding knowledge.


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Test & Measurement

Flojoy is modernizing benchtop test & measurement for the Python and AI era

With Flojoy Studio, engineers can connect to thousands of supported scientific instruments, motors, and sensors within minutes.This measurement data can then be fed downstream into real-time ML models and Flojoy Cloud - Flojoy's powerful data storage and analysis server.


Python is coming for your machines.

Flojoy is on a mission to support every major motion platform (robotic arms, stepper motors, servos, linear actuators, pneumatics, and more) with first-class and open-source Python support.

For engineers and scientists who prefer not to code, Flojoy can wraps any Python motion capability into a convenient drag-and-drop package for no-code app building in Flojoy Studio.

Flojoy Cloud

Storage, retrieval, and collaboration for R&D data.

Engineers use Flojoy Studio to stream measurements from robotics, microcontrollers, single board computers, test stations, and benchtop instruments to Flojoy Cloud. Once in Flojoy Cloud, this research data can be analyzed, archived, downloaded, and annotated by team members.


Finally - a first-class block diagram simulation environment for Python.

Model, simulate, and analyze dynamical systems in a no-code UX that is infinitely extensible through Python's vast ecosystem of numpy, scipy, and sklearn routines.

Open Architecture

Flojoy has developed Python's most advanced code-to visual-IDE tool chain. To turn any Python function into a Flojoy node, simply:
  • Add the @flojoy decorator to the top of the Python function
  • Wrap the function return values in a DataContainer object
  • Share with the Flojoy community!

Python connectors
for over 400

Flojoy is the de facto online resource and community for interfacing to scientific hardware in Python.

Here are just a few of the devices supported in Flojoy Studio through Python-based instrument drivers:

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