Modern hardware testing for R&D and manufacturing.

Flojoy is democratizing test & measure automation for circuit boardsbattery cells, and other hardware components. Open-source and Python-first.

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About Flojoy

Rapidly deployed hardware test & measurement.

Deploy test automation in an afternoon for a single benchtop or an entire manufacturing line.

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The only end-to-end hardware test solution

Connect your Device

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Flojoy is a full-service solution - we can design, fabricate, and deploy physical test fixtures for you manufacturing lines along with our software. If you already have your own test fixtures, our software will integrate with them seamlessly. Please contact us to learn more.

Test Sequencer

Test executive software for hardware-in-the-loop testing

Test Studio has an intuitive test sequencer that can be operated by a technician or triggered automatically. Test sequencer results are uploaded to Flojoy Cloud for analysis and monitoring.

Download Test Studio.

Flojoy Cloud

Upload hardware test results for analysis and monitoring

Flojoy Cloud is the only dedicated IIoT cloud for hardware test results. Open-source and Python-first, Flojoy Cloud can deployed by a single engineer in an afternoon.

Explore Flojoy Cloud and its Python API for free online.

Analyze Data

Analyze Flojoy Cloud data in SQL, Python, JMP, or MATLAB

Flojoy Cloud has a rich and intuitive API with analysis recipes for Python, JMP, R, and MATLAB.

Explore Flojoy Cloud and its Python API for data retrieval for free online.

Open-Source and Python-First

Flojoy is modernizing hardware test automation for everyone.

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    Support for over 400 bench-top instruments

    Flojoy's Test Studio ships with a growing catalogue of test & measure apps for these brands:

    ◦ Tektronix
    ◦ National Instruments
    ◦ Rohde & Schwarz
    ◦ Keysight
    ◦ Teledyne Lecroy
    ◦ Rigol
    ◦ See Flojoy's YouTube channel for more

    For help connecting your own instrument, please don't hesitate to contact us or join our Discord support chat.

    Join our open source community.

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