Validate mission-critical hardware components.

Validate mission-critical parts such as PCBs, motors, wire harnesses, and battery packs.

Download Flojoy's test runner

A modern test runner for modern hardware

Deploy Python and Robot Framework test scripts with an intuitive operator interface, clear pass 🟢 / fail 🔴 reporting, and cloud-connected visibility

Hardware test results in the cloud

Flojoy Cloud is the only real-time system-of-record for monitoring your entire hardware validation operation  
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Validate, track, & flag mission-critical hardware


Connect any digital instrument to Flojoy's test sequencer.

Flojoy is hardware-agnostic and compatible with all major test & measure brands.

Flojoy Studio

Flojoy's flagship test sequencer.

Validate mission critical components such as PCBs, motors, wire harnesses, and battery packs.

Test scripts are imported with Python, Robot Framework, or visual block diagrams.

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Flojoy Cloud

Flojoy's test data system-of-record.

Search test history by serial number. View pass 🟢 / fail 🔴 reports in real-time.

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Monitor & Analyze

Use Flojoy Cloud's Python API and SPC dashboards to analyze test data on Flojoy Cloud.

Open-Source, Python-First

Flojoy is modernizing test & measure workflows with Python - the fastest growing language for hardware test validation and test results analysis.

    Built-in instrument support

    Flojoy ships with plug & play apps and test sequences for these leading instrument brands:

    ◦ Tektronix
    ◦ National Instruments
    ◦ Rohde & Schwarz
    ◦ Keysight
    ◦ Teledyne LeCroy
    ◦ Rigol
    ◦ See examples in the Gallery  

    Modern testing for modern hardware

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