Flojoy is the new standard for test & measure automation.

Flojoy is a free, modern Desktop app for drag-&-drop test & measure automation. Tasks that are commonly performed in MATLAB, Alteryx, LabVIEW, Keysight PathWave, or ad-hoc Python scripts can be easily recreated for free in Flojoy.

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About Flojoy

No coding experience required.

Build and run powerful, Python-based engineering and AI apps for DAQ and test & measure automation - all for free and without requiring any coding knowledge.


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Test & measurement

Flojoy is modernizing benchtop test & measurement for Python and AI

With Flojoy, engineers can connect to hundreds of supported scientific instruments, motors, and sensors in minutes. Once the data is acquired, it can be connected visually into powerful pipelines for image processing, DSP, AI, and ETL - all without writing a line of code.

Robotics & motors

Python for hardware R&D and automation

Flojoy is on a mission to support every major motion platform (robotic arms, stepper motors, servos, linear actuators, pneumatics, and more) with first-class and open-source Python support.

For engineers and scientists who prefer not to code, Flojoy can wrap any Python motion capability into a convenient drag-and-drop block for no-code app building in Flojoy.

DSP & image processing

The power of Python-based image processing and DSP in a drag-and-drop IDE

Flojoy supports standard image processing and DSP functions such as logical and arithmetical operations between images, contrast manipulation, convolution, Fourier analysis, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection, median filtering, FFT, IFFT, IIR, and more.

Images and signals can be streamed to Flojoy from simulation variables, data files on disk, cameras, bench-top instruments, DAQ boards.


Finally - a first-class block diagram simulation environment for Python.

Model, simulate, and analyze dynamical systems in a no-code UX that is infinitely extensible through Python's vast ecosystem of numpy, scipy, and sklearn routines.

Open Architecture

With Python, Flojoy is building the world's largest online community for plug-&-play hardware control.

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    Automate over 400 bench-top instruments

    Flojoy blocks are the fastest growing resource for test bench automation. Supported driver brands already include:

    ◦ Tektronix
    ◦ National Instruments
    ◦ Rohde & Schwarz
    ◦ Keysight
    ◦ LabJack
    ◦ Rigol
    ◦ And many more...

    If attempting to connect to test bench equipment in Flojoy or Python, please don't hesitate to ask use questions on our Discord.

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