Turnkey test & measure automation.

Flojoy is turnkey test automation for data-obsessed manufacturing.

Download Flojoy's flagship test sequencer

Manufacturing test data will grow by 1000x

To unlock Industry 4.0, manufacturers require more test data, visibility into this data, and AI.

Flojoy is the first turnkey test & measure automation platform for manufacturing that makes this possible and deployable within days.

How Flojoy is different

Flojoy is the only test & measure automaton platform to deliver 5x RoI through a turnkey, vertical software stack.
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A fully-integrated test & measure automation platform

Test fixtures

Hold your device under test.

Flojoy can fabricate bed-of-nails test fixtures from prototype to production.

We also work with existing test fixture designs and 3rd-party fabricators.

Flojoy Studio

Flojoy's flagship test sequencer.

The UI for operators to run functinal hardware tests on the manufacturing floor.

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Flojoy Cloud

Store your hardware test data.

Flojoy Cloud sits on top of any SQL database to provide unparalleled visibility and governance on your manufacturing test data.

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Analyze Data

Analyze data on Flojoy Cloud through our industry leading Python API.

Popular BI software like QuickSight and PowerBI can also be configured.

Starting in summer 2024, Flojoy Cloud will ship with in-app SPC dashboards.

Open-Source, Python-First

By embracing Python and open-source, Flojoy is creating a durable standard for the next decade of test & measure automaton.

    Builtin support for thousands of sensors and instruments

    Flojoy ships with a growing marketplace of hardware-in-the-loop apps from these brands and others.

    ◦ Tektronix
    ◦ National Instruments
    ◦ Rohde & Schwarz
    ◦ Keysight
    ◦ Teledyne LeCroy
    ◦ Rigol
    ◦ See examples in the Gallery  

    Test automation loved by both Engineering and Manufacturing.

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