Get more from Flojoy with Enterprise

Enterprise unlocks maximum RoI from Flojoy's open-source stack:

  • Priority support
  • 100% on-premises, offline operation
  • Test fixture and instrumentation consulting
  • White glove deployment and training
  • Customized dashboards & charts
  • Test Sequencer support for MATLAB, C, and LabVIEW tests
  • Commercial license for organizations not able to deploy AGPL-licensed software

Eliminate product failures

High-tech products are complicated. Component test coverage with Flojoy is the easiest way to reduce failures in the field, increase yield, and capture value from your test data.

Reduce software costs

Flojoy's vertical solution for component testing has 5x RoI compared to building in-house or integrating disaggregated vendors.

Unlock engineer efficiency

Your engineering team's time is valuable. Flojoy's hardware test stack lets your engineers focus on solving problems rather than maintaining test infrastructure.

Get full visibility on your contract manufacturer

With Flojoy Cloud, get full visibility on your contract manufacturer's throughput and test data.

Certify more products

Flojoy Cloud's test data reports allow companies to maintain or achieve product certifications that unlock new markets, create moats, and command higher product prices.

5x RoI compared to building in-house

Flojoy test infrastructure can be deployed in an afternoon and doesn't require an army to maintain

Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500, Flojoy's open-source test stack can be deploy at test station in an afternoon.

Higher yields, Happier engineers Unlimited Python-based capability


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