The Enterprise Operating System for Test, Measurement, & Control


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AI-enhanced test, measurement, & control

Seamlessly combine test, measurement, and control workflows with AI, ETL, and ML data pipelines.

Accelerate test automation

Flojoy Enterprise unblocks R&D discovery with agile, AI-augmented automation in the lab and factory.

Get more data, faster, while seamlessly combining R&D data with modern AI, ML, and ETL orchestration.

R&D as a team sport

Every R&D test run in Flojoy can be made easily accessible to management, downstream data scientists, and technicians.

There's an app for that

Flojoy Enterprise has demo apps and drivers for every scientific metrology category. To name a few:

Modern software security

Applications created in Flojoy are Python executables under-the-hood - their code can be checked into version control, scanned for vulnerabilities, rolled back, and certified by 3rd parties.

The last test, measurement, and control platform that you'll ever need

Want to add your own, proprietary instrument drivers and ML models?

Flojoy is easily extensible with custom nodes that can be written by any engineer or researcher who has basic working proficiency in Python.

Faster automation, Happier engineers Unlimited Python-based capability


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