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Leaders in AI and Python-based test, measurement, and control solutions.

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Rapid solutions development for AI-enhanced test, measurement, and control

  • Rapid turnaround: Customized test, measurement, and control apps in days, not months.
  • Future proof: No vendor lock-in with Flojoy's open-source, Python architecture
  • Real-time AI: Enhance your test, measurement, and control pipelines with inline AI/ML models such as object detection, predicitive analytics, clustering, and adaptive learning.

Core capabilities

Measure everything

Accelerate time to discovery by collecting more data at every step in your manufacturing and R&D processes.

Flojoy metrology apps can be distributed on low-cost single board computers, allowing data collection at a scale that was previously cost-prohibitive.

If it moves, we can control it

Whether for a high speed conveyor or micrometer-precision positioning stage, Flojoy apps provide a safe, AI-capable, and completely customizable motion control user interface.

Never miss a beat

Flojoy apps written by our team can capture data at nano- to microsecond intervals, then stream it to Flojoy Cloud's infinitely scalable, low-cost time series database.

Photo or it didn't happen

Take high-resolution images at every step of your R&D or manufacturing process to accelerate troubleshooting when things go wrong. Flojoy apps seamlessly combine image capture with image processing and machine learning - all in the same data pipeline.

Robotics R&D

Flojoy apps are a perfect research platform to combine motion commands, sensor input, and machine learning feedback - all with Python's massive capabilities in machine learning, signal processing, and collaborative rapid prototyping.

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